Thursday, November 15, 2018

Drinking From The Poisoned Well

For all you Facebook users out there, here's a really good article about just how totally evil that company is. And for further context, let's not forget the studies that have shown that Facebook users actually tend to be depressed by their use of the "social media" darling.

Who needs Russian trolls to spread disinformation when there are so many domestic Facebook users who are willing to do the same thing?

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

People Seem To Like The Dirt

Having stood up for the people of my community (Port Angeles, Washington, where I lived at the time) against a giant multinational corporation, I know very well the perils of public service. Once I took on the Nippon Corporation, I put a target on my back that has been slow to fade. Ever since then, my wife and I have been harassed and stalked by several hateful, deeply bigoted and mentally disturbed people with nothing better to do with their lives.

These brain-dead dead-enders have fixated on me for all sorts of reasons, most of them imaginary. One key thing they blame me for is having run a blog that was critical of Port Angeles. They have been harassing and threatening me for years to get me to take it down, even though the blog in question is something I have nothing to do with, and have no control over. Think about it: If that blog was causing me trouble, and I could eliminate that trouble by taking it down, I would have. (And for further context, these same idiots who "know" I'm the one behind it also have blamed and harassed other people who they also "know" were behind it, which demonstrates very well that they don't actually have any idea at all who is really behind it.)

So when I signed up to run for office her in Benton County, these same sad sack, unemployed losers went into full gear trying to harm my campaign, and my reputation. And, attention Benton County, a great many people here were absolutely played by these far-right bigots, and swallowed the lies and fantasies they were peddling. Or to put it another way, I got stabbed in the back by a great many so-called progressives and liberals here who were only too glad to do the bidding of these anonymous, right-wing trolls. Good job, Benton County! Way to use those much-discussed educated minds here.

Anyway, the whole experience of dealing with so many fair weather friends and hypocritical "progressive" backstabbers was less than pleasant. So many supposedly intelligent, kind people participated in the mauling of my reputation, I feel the need to repay their attentions fully. So, since they were all too willing to paint me as a hothead with a temper, simply because I speak honestly and directly, well, I guess I will just continue to speak honestly and directly. And since so many people seem to believe I was the force behind a "scandalous" tell-all blog, well again, why not take that as a tip and actually do it?

And so here we are, Benton County. Please let me be clear: This is not about my losing an election. That was always a very real possibility. This isn't sour grapes over that. But I am righteously offended and upset by the callous, sneaky and poisonous way I was treated by many on the political left here, and thus see no reason whatsoever not to shine a little light on their less than savory activities. I have gained a LOT of information and insights over the last year.

So this will be the place you can come to find out the truth about people's questionable finances, and the less-than-transparent activities they'd rather you not know about. Stay tuned to learn more about who has substance abuse problems, honesty problems, and which of our new City Council members has problems keeping their roaming hands off of other people. Not gossip - just facts. With documentation.

Up first, you can learn all about how Sami Al-AbdRabbuh helped file a false police report to try and smear me. That one will be up in the next day or two. In the meantime, feel free to follow this link to a YouTube video (with lyrics) of a song that does a pretty good job of blasting hypocrisy.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Coming Soon

Please stay tuned for more background information about the political scene in Corvallis and Benton County...Coming soon!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Endorsement Withdrawn

It's important to be able to admit it when you've made a mistake - and I made a big one earlier this year. I'm talking about my previous endorsement of Corvallis City Council candidate Charles Maughn. At the time, Charles presented as a lightly progressive person who seemed to have the interests of the community at heart. I have since learned some extremely distressing things about Charles that calls his whole public image into question.

In situations like this, we have to believe the survivors.

That being the case, please consider my previous endorsement withdrawn.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Democracy is a Messy Business

Since there has been a lot of discussion about my time on the Port Angeles City Council, I figured I would address it yet again to add some clarity to the conversation. To sum up: Port Angeles was a mill town that was down to its last (paper) mill, and that mill essentially called the shots in town. When they proposed a project that would have added greatly to local air pollution and harmed public health, I was the only Council member willing to stand up and push back against that. You heard that right: I stood up, by myself, against a multibillion dollar multinational corporation.

Needless to say, by doing so, I put a target on my own back - and the defenders of the dysfunctional status quo wasted no time in taking shots at me. The biggest, and least effective, was the so-called "ethics complaint" lodged against me. This complaint was intended to railroad me into an executive session, where no member of the public would know what happened, but no matter what, I would come out looking bad.

But, being that I was familiar with Washington State law, I insisted (as was my right as the subject of the complaint) that it all be dealt with in open session, in full view of the press and public. I had done nothing, and had nothing to hide, and, indeed, nothing is exactly what came of this bogus "complaint" because it was totally baseless.

Below you'll find some quotes (with original typos, grammatical mistakes, etc.) from actual people who lived there at the time, as posted in the comments section of the Peninsula Daily News. Most of them focus on the tempest in a teapot over the "ethics complaint."

John Sikes, 8/23/2012: "Sounds like Mania is putting our kids health above corporate greed. Maybe the people complaining about him need to be replaced."

Cynthia Willard, 8/23/2012: "Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If Mr. Mania has been opposed to the subjects mentioned here, it is within his rights to let his community know both sides of the story...I'm sure members of the community have asked him 'what can we do.' He is answering that question. He's not suggesting illegal acts or acts of violence, but suggesting what they can do."

Anita Barrett, 8/23/2012: "Our city council represent the people of this city, all of them! It is not an exclusive club. I for one, am glad there is at least one person on it who is willing to step up and not just go along with everyone else. It really worries me when the people who run this town complain about someone having a differing opinion and wanting the public to get involved. I am not speaking one way or another about the Nippon issue, but I think encouraging people to protest something they don't believe in is OK."

Martin Shaughnessy, 8/23/2012: "Sometimes democracy is a messy business. I am sure certain do nothing members of the council resent Mr. Mania and his activity level. The fact that he says what he thinks, is willing to take a stand on principle, and stands behind what he's saying must be a real slap in the face to the 'Get Along Gang.' Of course creepy Republican real estate shills may have an issue, but I sure don't."

Lois Danks, 8/23/2012: "Max was elected to the City Council by the voters and he is expected to represent the interests of those who voted for him! Freedom of speech does not end when you are elected to office! That is exactly when he should be voicing his opinions and listening to his constituents and encouraging them to speak out on the issues! That is why he was elected. Must be time for some more new city councilmembers who know what ethics really are."

Joe Jester, 8/23/2012: "'bout time an elected office holder says what he thinks and stands on principle. Very rare, very rare."

Martin Shaughnessy, 8/24/2012: "Pretty simple really. Our little tattletale republican real estate agent Brooke is now hiding behind republican mayor Cherie to throw out accusations without having to directly answer for them. Excerpts from these emails, published in the PDN yesterday reveal NO ethics violations...only disagreement. The handful of Republican Do Nothings that run this town are simply trying to get rid of this guy before he starts making waves big enough to soak their little scam."

Mike Libera, 8/24/2012: "Clearly an effort to muzzle people with dissenting opinions. This country was built on (and still thrives on) dissent."

Bobbi Daniels, 8/25/2012: "I support Councilman Max Mania. So many times he has tried to ask the Council just to take the time to study an issue, he has been ignored...We need someone to rock the boat occasionally...Thanks, Max for having the courage to challenge some Council members into thinking, but unfortunately, some are just reacting."

Friday, October 19, 2018

Of Ballots and Blisters

It's the big day - ballots should start arriving in people's mailboxes in a few hours. After a year of hard work, I hope that people will vote for me for Benton County Commissioner, vote yes on ballot measure 102, and vote a strong no on ballot measure 105.
In the spirit of this special day, I'd like to share a quote from Abe Lincoln with you:

"Elections belong to the people. It's their decision. If they decide to turn their back to the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters."

Folks, I promise to do my very best to never burn your backsides, and I will never make you sit on your blisters. But I will work hard every single day to make a better Benton County for everyone.

My campaign for Benton County Commissioner is focused on creating accountable local government that plans for - and budgets for - the wellbeing of future generations.
This will be accomplished by: 




For more information, please visit:


Thursday, October 18, 2018

Who Shows Up?

By way of a little background, last month I attended a meeting of the Benton County Farm Bureau. They were very welcoming, and shared a lot of local information and concerns with me. I learned a great deal from talking with them, including that I was the only candidate for County Commissioner who had reached out to them or attended a meeting.

That got me invited to speak at their annual meeting, which took place last night. Upon arriving, I learned that, in an attempt to be fair, they had extended an invitation to speak to all the County Commissioner candidates.

Now, to digress for a moment, let me note that the Democratic candidate, Pat Malone, has made his rural identity a key component of his campaign. Pat lives in the county, and grows Christmas trees, so he's constantly pitched himself as being the best choice for rural folks, farmers, etc.

Pat declined to come speak to the Farm Bureau folks. When this fact was relayed to us last night by our hostess, she added, "It doesn't look good." So, in the end, just Erik and I attended and spoke. Two candidates out of five.

This fits well into a pattern that has been established this election season. Two local Democratic Party-affiliated groups (Our Revolution Corvallis Allies and the Benton County DSA) hosted a candidate's forum, and Pat declined to attend. I got their endorsements.

The SEIU Local 503 opened an endorsement process for candidates, and Pat made it clear that he wanted (if not expected) their endorsement, but he refused to go down to Eugene for a face-to-face interview. I went, and I got their endorsement.

I've been down at the Corvallis Farmer's Market for hours every Saturday for months. The Benton Democratic Party almost always has their booth there as well, but Pat has never made an appearance.

The recent PRIDE event in Corvallis drew hundreds of members of our local LGBTQ community in - a community that the Democrats claim to stand up for - but Pat didn't show up at all. I was the only candidate who was there at all.

When the Albany Chamber of Commerce sent all the candidates a questionnaire, two of them didn't respond at all. I was the only one who gave detailed responses to all the questions.

And on and on. If you want a candidate who is willing to show up, willing to answer questions, and who has actually given a lot of thought to the challenges facing Benton County, I am that candidate. Just look at the record.

Meanwhile, let's all ponder on these facts that were shared last night: About 38,000 people in Oregon work in farming/agriculture. Of those, only about 9,000 gross $25,000 a year or more. That's a small handful of people, working hard and not making much money, and feeding millions of Oregonians. So, the next time you're able to do so, thank a local farmer. And buy local!