Sunday, June 4, 2017

When Does the Shame and/or Regret Kick In?

To be clear about this, I am not a Democrat.

But I do have some questions for the rational Republicans out there who voted for Trump.

First off, were you proud to support a candidate who boasted of forcing himself on women? One with a well-documented history of racism?

Were you proud to support a candidate who lied constantly, about topics both big and small? Are you proud to now have a president who lies easily, casually, and (again) constantly?

Are you at all suspicious or concerned about the Trump administration being staffed with so many people who have been found to have (previously hidden) ties to Russia? Who has more credibility for you: Multiple branches of our intelligence agencies who have expressed concerns about those ties; or the sitting president, who, as stated above, is a well-known liar?

Related, literally, to the above: Are you proud to have a president who has, in the style of so many banana republic dictators, embraced nepotism? Do you really believe that Trump's children and in-laws are the most qualified advisors available?

Are you proud to have a president who enthusiastically supports state-sanctioned murder, as is occurring in the Philippines? Do you support the idea of shooting drug users dead in the streets here, too?

Are you proud of an administration that has had reporters arrested for trying to ask questions of appointed officials? Do you see the connection between Trump's vilification of the press and the Republican candidate in Montana who physically attacked a reporter for trying to ask a question? Does this mainstreaming of hatred and violence concern you at all?

In other words, what will it take for you, as an American, to stand up and say, "No more! This is unacceptable!" Please note, I am not talking about you supporting the Democrats instead. But I am talking about putting the wellbeing of your country before your loyalty to a political party. You know these things aren't hoaxes.

So...What will it take?